Neighborhood Knowledge

The concept of a neighborhood is in many ways vague and fuzzy, studies show that there are numberous ways of defining what a neighborhood is as well as defining the boundaries of a particular neighborhood region. The idea and identity of a neighborhoood in a way is universal across time and across cultures and countries, but at the same time it varies and also morphes and adapts. Thus the boundaries also hold the similar characteristic of having similar universal identifiers, but also something that changes over time and varies by region.

People have always known that neighborhoods existed, in fact, people live and relate everyday within their so called neighborhoods. But the fact is that to map out the neighborhoods is a daunting task, because it means placing the mass public's perception of reality into something concrete and tangible, and making it both accurate and still relevant.

Factle Maps hopes to bridge the divide. By partnering with the top academic professionals and institutions, Factle is not only mapping out the neighborhood boundaries, but continually in the works of creating something better, more useful, and closer to reality.

neighborhood scatterplot

Experimental Neighborhood Mapping Projects

  • The Scatter Plot Method
  • Reverse-GeoCoding using Flickr

  • Neighborhood Work in Academia

  • Pennsylvania NIS